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Onboarding Module

Bringing on a new team member can be an overwhelming process with the potential for details falling through the cracks. While most organizations have a basic plan for onboarding new hires, implementing the onboarding process can be inconsistent and appear unorganized to your new recruit.

A Unique Program

The Onboarding Module automates your unique process, creating an easy and comprehensive experience. Whether distributing welcome videos, training materials, documents, checklists or advanced learning resources, your organization will make its newest hire feel welcomed and connected.

  • Automate and Consistently Distribute Your Unique Onboarding Process
  • Incorporate E-mails, Welcome Videos, Checklists, Worksheets, Resource Links and Learning Materials
  • Establish a Timeline for Automated Distribution of the Program
  • Consistently and Comprehensively Distribute Your Onboarding Process
  • Deliver Your Program Materials via Mobile, Tablet or Web Browser